What make a car look classic?

Picture a flashy car, the type you might see the good guy in a film zoom through twisty Italian mountain tracks in, with a laughing long-haired brunette in the passenger seat. Envision a pop star automobile, with a grey-hatted chauffeur driving his sunglass-wearing passenger through a horde of shouting photographers. Most likely neither of the vehicles which you have conjured in your mind are the Mitsubishi Colt Cleartec, but now consider this – are you an international secret agent of mystery? Are you the lead singer from a hard rocking pop group? Or do you really need a car which will get you around your neighbourhood, still look sophisticated and not break down on you midway to the south coast?
You may not have noticed it, but the Mitsubishi Colt has become a classic car. Take the opportunity to think about this – there was clearly a day when the Rolls Royce Phantom III was just the most recent car available, when the Jaguar E-type had just rolled off the line. But this time has passed and these vehicles have been inked into the ledgers of history as classics. Likewise, whilst we were all occupied growing up the Colt has been there along with us, created with care and excellence since 1962.

Take a look at the most recent Colt brochure and you’ll quickly see the principles that make a great car have been followed vehemently for nearly 50 years. Efficient, economic, inexpensive and elegant, this car has been the transport of preference for millions, while other purportedly ‘exciting’ vehicles have come and gone, remaining the preserve of the obscenely privileged and foolish.

Exactly what has to happen to raise the Colt to the position of cult? Perhaps it’s already there and that we just don’t realise, just like a friend who you never knew you depended on so heavily until you needed someone and they were there.

If this is the situation then it can’t be long before the Colt becomes an object of desire which we can all possess. So why not feel like a superstar, an action hero and a shrewd driver all in one and book yourself a Colt test drive right now?

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