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The incredibly aesthetically satisfying Alfa Romeo Spider, which is also from time to time referred to as “Spyder”, shared quite a few competencies of the Giulia. With 4 wheel assisted disc brakes, independent suspension to the front, and coil suspended to the back again in the same trend as the Giulia. The Alfa Romeo Spider is viewed as a classic which has been successfully developed for a extended operate, with only slight cosmetic and mechanical alterations manufactured to the car.

Run with the exact same 1600cc engine as in the Sprint GTV, manufacturing 109bh with four cylinders, the Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto (as it was normally recognised) had a 5 speed transmission and disc brakes. The framework was lifted from the Giulia 105 collection, sporting crumple zones, an innovation for the time. Just after two a long time of generation of the Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto the car or truck was revised and the 1800cc 1750 Veloce was born and was passed the baton from the Duetto.

The new Alfa Romeo Spider 1750 Veloce had no apparent beauty changes from prior variants of the Spider, thanks to the aesthetics remaining (and remaining) very popular. The main alterations to the 1750 Veloce were to the electronics, suspension and braking process. Just like the 1750 Veloce proceeded the Duetto, the 1750 Veloce was last but not least outdated by the 2000.

The 2000 was released in 1970 with a further Alfa Romeo Spider variation, the 1300 junior, a refined and scaled-down entry product. The 17560 and 200 had been later enhanced with the addition of a Kamm tail to reduce drag on the automobile, the final result of intensive wind tunnel experiences.

The addition of two seats was produced to the Spider, ensuing in the Spider remaining a 4 covered with larger practicability. Further modifications were built in the early 80s with dark bumpers included to the motor vehicle, with also a alter of grill and spoiler.


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