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The Direct Injection Engine Will Likely Power Your Next Car.

Automotive technology has seen so much advancement in recent years. Engine wise, the traditional mechanical system has been replaced by the more improved fuel injection system which does its work electronically. This multi-point injection (MPI) system is popularly used today although it still has limitations when it concerns fuel efficiency.

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According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, "Analysts say sales of vehicles with direct fuel injection -- which deliver greater fuel economy and power than today's similarly sized gas engines -- will far exceed those of hybrids and electrics for years to come. Expect over 5 million by 2014!
Direct Fuel Injection Engines Ford

Improving on an Existing Technology is Less Risky and Costs Less.

Major car makers have recognized the stark reality that the environment is in bad shape and that the widespread use of fossil fuel is one of the primary causes. This reality is what prompted them to find ways to help in preserving the environment and as gas prices have fallen, the talk has turned from hybrid powertrains to direct injection engines.
The most promising, near-term technology utilized by the automotive industry could turn out to be direct injection systems. This is an eco friendly technology and one that is far more advanced than the MPI because of its faster response time and higher combustion efficiency. Additionally, it reduces fuel consumption and improves power output and with cleaner emissions to boot.

What about Multi-Point Injection?
Whereas the multi-point injection system still lacks the needed efficiency because of the time it takes fuel and air to mix before entering the cylinder, the gasoline engines that feature the direct injection system injects gasoline directly into the cylinder or the combustion chamber. This process is the same as that of the diesel engines that have used a similar system for years.

Many of you may be unaware but the direct injection system has been in existence since the World War II. Direct gasoline injection used for the very first time on the so-called hesselman engine created by Jonas Hesselman, an engineer from Sweden. The system was utilized on World War II production aircrafts that featured the Soviet and German designs.
It was later in 1952 when the first direct injection system was used in automotives courtesy of Goliath and Gutbrod after it was fully developed by Bosch. Among the popular brand of cars, the Mercedez Benz 300 SL 1955 model became the first sports car to feature the direct fuel injection type of engine. Today, many car manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Audi, Mazda, BMW and General Motors are making automobiles that carry the direct injection engines.

Internal Combustion Engines Simply Aren't As Sexy, Direct or In-Direct.
The two-stroke car engines are those that greatly benefit from the direct injection system’s less emission. This makes it more eco friendly as it does not cause much pollution to the environment. Compared to the traditional model, the direct injection engine releases air only from its crankcase while all the ports are closed. Two-stroke engines utilize two types of gasoline direct injection systems – the low pressure and the high pressure.
Direct injection engines promote efficient use of gasoline as well as allow greater control, higher compression ratios and precision. This is mainly due to the combustion of a very lean mixture when a car is in operation and a cooling effect that takes place when fuel evaporates inside the cylinder. Meanwhile, the concentration of fuel around the spark plug area results in reduced fuel consumption in starting a cold engine and less emission of harmful pollutants. With fuel being injected directly into the cylinder, the after effect is the accurate metering of fuel that leads to better transient control and reduced pollution.

Ford calls it's D.I.E. - EcoBoost, which delivers a 20% improvement in mpg ratings.  GM calls theirs HCCI and anticipates a 30% improvement. Whatever they are called, look for one under your next car hood!

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